• Stable Dk over wide frequency range
  • Suitable for wideband applications
  • Provide higher gain in amplifier and antenna designs
  • First article success leaders to faster time to market
  • Sheet sizes accommodate larger PCB or radome formats


CuClad® 217 Laminates

  • Dk of 2.17 or 2.20
  • Uses a low fiberglass/PTFE ratio to provide lowest Dk and dissipation factor available in its class

CuClad® 233 Laminates

  • Dk of 2.33
  • Uses a medium fiberglass/PTFE ratio to balance lower dielectric constant and improved dissipation factor without sacrificing mechanical properties

CuClad® 250 Laminates

  • Dk of 2.40 to 2.60
  • Uses a higher fiberglass/PTFE ratio to provide mechanical properties approaching those of conventional substrates

CuClad® 6250 Bonding Film

  • Dk or 2.32
  • Ethylene-acrylic acid thermoplastic copolymer bonding film

CuClad® 6700 Bonding Film

  • Dk of 2.35
  • Chloro-trifluoroethylene (CTFE) thermoplastic copolymer bonding film


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